Golden Age Discount

Golden Age Discount

Individuals 62 years of age and older are eligible for a Golden Age Discount card. To receive the discount card you will need to fill out a brief application available at Student Services at 4301 Third Street, Tillamook. This card can be used term after term. Just bring the card with you when you pay for the course.

Option 1:

50% tuition discount on *credit and continuing education courses

This tuition discount applies to *credit and continuing and community non-credit course offerings available through TBCC. The discount does not apply  fees or partnership agency courses (e.g., North Coast Recreation District, Tillamook County General Hospital, and YMCA courses). Course cost is listed as in this example: $75/19. The number to the left of the slash is tuition; the number to the right is a fee.

Option 2:
Receive a 100% tuition waiver for credit course audits.
* All credit course prerequisites must be met.

The college will waive tuition for credit courses taken for an audit grade when space is available in the course. These tuition waivers require instructor permission, do not cover lab and other class fees, and may not be used for non-credit or CEU courses. To qualify for the new waiver you must wait until the first day of class to register and have a signed Registration and Change Form with instructor permission to audit the course.