Third Party Authorizations (Employer, High School, Agency)

Contact your agency directly and provide them with the payment due date, the college's contact, and the required information below.

Send third party authorizations to:

TBCC Business Office

4301 Third St

Tillamook, OR 97141


  • third party agencies must submit an authorization to the college for the college to bill them directly.
  • the authorization must include company name and billing information, the student(s) name(s) and what will be paid for (tuition, fees, and/or books)
  • authorizations must be sent on a term by term basis by the payment due date to avoid late fees.
  • third parties will be billed around the 4th week of each term.

A Third Party authorization needs to be submitted to the business office by the second day of the term in order for a book voucher to be processed. See How do I get a book voucher? for more information.

If you are expecting a third party to pay TBCC for your tuition, fees, and books and it isn't showing on your account statement contact the TBCC Business Office as soon as possible. Students need to have third party authorizations in place for tuition and fees no later than the payment due date each term in order to avoid a $50 late fee. If your authorization has not been received contact your third party.