Associated Students of Tillamook Bay Community College

  The TBCC Associated Student Government was established to act as a liaison between students, faculty and administration, assist in the coordination and implementation of a variety of student interest topics, and represent the student body in committee meetings and college events. The Associated Student Government has a voice in the affairs of the College by contributing to the social and intellectual development of the student body, providing and promoting opportunities to experience leadership in ways not available through most classroom procedures, initiating communication between students, faculty, and administration, and thus assuring that TBCC provides the highest possible quality of comprehensive education.
All credit and non-credit students currently enrolled and attending Tillamook Bay Community College are members of the ASTBCC and are entitled to vote in ASTBCC elections.

Become an ASTBCC Officer

Put your name on the ballot to become an officer for the Associated Students of Tillamook Bay Community College. These are paid positions. Please fill out the Candidate Application Form and select which position you are interested in.

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Become involved in the TBCC community as an officer for our Associated Student Body. If you would like a paid officer position, please fill out this form, select the position you want and state valid reasons for students to vote for you, these will show up on the ballots.

Please submit applications to Kelsey Jordan 503-842-8222 ext 1135,

or Kellie McKeehan 503-842-8222 ext 1155,

(.pdf, 468K)