Some students may develop medical conditions that take time to resolve such as broken limbs, illness or surgery. Occasionally a student may have requested ADA auxiliary aids but classes begin before the evaluation process is completed. TBCC may provide short-term assistance through auxiliary aids during this period.  “Short term” is defined as “not exceed 80% of current academic term.” We encourage instructors to use common sense and provide the accommodations that are needed, such as:

  • Arrange for a fellow classmate to share class notes with the student;
  • Provide extra time for the student to complete projects and assignments;
  • Encourage the student to record lectures;
  • Permit the student to audio record quiz and test answers. This accommodation might increase the amount of time needed to complete the exam;
  • Provide the student with an oral quiz or exam.

If the student needs an accommodation that the instructor is unable to provide, the instructor may encourage the student to contact Student Services where additional auxiliary aids will be determined.

Please contact the Disability Services advisor if you would like to discuss strategies, or if you have any questions at (503) 842-8222 ext. 1140.